Eewansaapita Summer Youth Educational Experience


The Eewansaapita Summer Youth Educational Experience takes its name from the Myaamia language. Eewansaapita means "sunrise" and is used here as a metaphoric expression for community rebirth, renewal and empowerment. Community Elder Sammye Darling coined the term "awakening" to describe the community revitalization effort, which began in the mid-1990s. It is from this original idea of eemamwiciki, "awakening," that the Eewansaapita program was born in 2005. The program is necessary because many aspects of Myaamia identity, including language and tribe specific culture were not being passed down intergenerationally. The Eewansaapita program is one of many efforts to reverse this loss.

The mission of the Eewansaapita Summer Experience is to teach Myaamia specific language and culture to tribal youth ages ten to sixteen. Eewansaapita emphasizes Myaamia methods of learning and includes a focus on connecting Myaamia youth to each other in Myaamia places.

The vision of the Eewansaapita Summer Experience is to provide an educational experience that helps guide a new generation of tribal youth to be life-long students of their heritage language and culture and who will actively give the Myaamia language and culture a place within their lives. From this experience will come a generation who will begin another "new day" and will advance the efforts of Myaamia revitalization for future generations.

Currently, the tribe hosts two camps. The first is in June and held in Miami. The other is in July and is located in Ft. Wayne. Each camp is open to 25 tribal youth between the ages of 10 and 16. 


Eewansaapita Applications

noošonki (Miami)

kiihkayonki (Fort Wayne)

Oklahoma Applcation Indiana Application


Junior Counselor Positions

There are a limited number of Junior Counselor positions available. For more information please contact George Ironstrack at