aya ceeki mihtohseeniaki, kweesitoolakoki

Welcome to the official website of the federally-recognized
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma!

This website serves two purposes: virtual community connectivity and education. It is our great hope that contents supplied herein will be of direct benefit to all myaamia citizens, and to those who visit this site as guests. Our culture and language identify us as the downstream people. The care and guidance of our elders, revitalization of our Tribal culture, traditions and customs. The return of our heritage language brings life and breath to all that we do. kiiloona myaamiaki, we are myaamiaki.


NAGPRAHonoree2014 Lacrosse TeamWorkshop

NAGPRA— A representative of the Smithsonian and Myaamia elder Mildred Walker (seated) sign the formal documents transferring human remains and associated funerary objects to the Tribe.

Dr. Leanne Hinton was honored by Miami Tribe Leadership during the 2014 Myaamiaki Conference at Miami University for her immeasurable contributions in the field of language reclamation.

Congratulations to the 2014 Myaamia lacrosse champions. They defeated the Seneca-Cayuga/Eastern Shawnee team!

Eewansaapita Kiihkayonki summer program participants.