Miami Nation Tribal Court

An integral part of a sovereign, tribal nation is the ability to exercise judicial authority within the geographical and business jurisdiction of the tribe through its own tribal court. A tribal court is an important exercise of autonomy in providing the tribe the power to enforce laws, adjudicate disputes and, specifically, to assist in the protection of tribal children.

The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma District Court was established in 2007 under a Tribal Courts Assistance Program Grant through the Department of Justice. Court is held at 3430 P St., NW, and operates with a state-of-the-art closed circuit audio and video system.  Court pleadings are maintained through "Full Court," a comprehensive court case management software program. The Tribe has a Law and Order Code which received federal approval in 1999 and has a Civil and Criminal Code.

Court is held the first Thursday of every month according to the Tribal Docket. Court is open to the public unless the case being heard involves a juvenile. The docket is posted the morning of each court day on the front doors of Tribal Headquarters, located at 3410 P St., NW, Miami, OK. 

Miami Nation Court Officials

District Court Judge: The Honorable Judge Charles Tripp

Court Administrator: Robin Lash, Esq.

Presenting Officer/Prosecutor: Cynthia Burelson, Esq.

Court Clerk: Karissa Cantwell

Child Advocates/ICWA: Jan Grant