Miami Nation Historic Preservation Office


The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma's Historic Preservation Officer is responsible for the protection and preservation of culturally significant properties pertaining to the Miami's located in Indiana, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The THPO is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana to address issues related to Miami people.

In 2009 the Miami Nation submitted an application to the National Park Service (NPS) for status as a Tribal Historic Preservation Office under section 101 d 2 of the National Historic Preservation Act. The Program, referred to as THPO (Tribal Historic Preservation Office), is a NPS directive that allows Federally-Recognized Tribes to a assume the duties of the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) on Tribal lands. The application, and workplan submitted were approved by the NPS in the Fall of 2009. THPO guidelines call for the appointment of a Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, also referred to as a “THPO."

The THPO is responsible for the identification of, as well as maintenance, of culturally significant properties pertaining to the Miami Nation. The THPO nominates these properties to the National Register of Historic Places, and the Miami Nation Register of Historic Places. The THPO conducts section 106 reviews of Federal Agency projects on lands of Tribal interest. The lands include Tribal Trust lands and ancestral lands. The THPO also provides educational programs on the significance of preserving these lands.

In 2006 the Miami Nation named the Drake Allotment Home, located in the northwest portion of the Miami Nation’s Oklahoma jurisdiction area, to the Miami Nation Register of Historic Places. The home was built circa 1885 by Tribal member Jane Pigeon Drake (siipiihkwa - River Woman) and is one of few allotment period homes still in good condition.

The Miami Tribal Historic Preservation Office is committed to the perpetuation of historic properties and the cultural knowledge tied to them. For more information, please contact Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Diane Hunter at or 918-541-8966, or Doug Peconge Assistant Tribal Historic Preservation Officer at or 918-919-1484.