How to Contact the Gaming Commission

Jerry Lankford,

Commission Chairman


Joshua Sutterfield,

Phone: (918) 541-1326


Charla Gibson,

Phone: (918) 541-1364


Tracey Pilkinton,

Compliance/Internal Audit & Licensing/Surveillance
Phone: (918) 541-2158


Jerrod Chester,

Senior Compliance
Phone: (918) 541-1365

Mission Statement

The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma Gaming Commission is charged with protecting the integrity of tribal gaming. It is responsible for ensuring adequate internal controls are in place and complied with, and for providing security, honesty and fairness in all tribal gaming operations.

The Miami Tribal Gaming Commission regulates gaming operations through compliance and enforcement of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 (IGRA), the Oklahoma Tribal-State Compact, the National Indian Gaming Commission Minimum Internal Control Standards and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma Tribal Internal Control Standards.

The Miami Tribal Gaming Commission is responsible for the following:

  • Issuing employee, vendor and facility gaming licenses
  • Conducting background investigations for employee and vendor licenses
  • Performing mandatory audits per 25 CFR
  • Preparing and submitting reports pursuant to the Tribal-State Compact
  • Conducting investigations of possible violations and taking appropriate enforcement action with respect to Tribal Gaming Ordinances and Regulations
  • Establishing Tribal Minimum Internal Control Standards for gaming operations
  • Ensuring the gaming facility is constructed, maintained and operated in a manner that adequately protects the environment and public health and safety
  • Interacting with other regulatory and law enforcement agencies regarding the regulation of gaming
  • Promulgating rules and regulations for the gaming facility
  • Ensuring compliance with all federal, state and tribal regulations