How to Contact LLC

Main Number

Phone: (918) 541-1352
Fax: (918) 615-9702


Misty Ellison,

Phone: (918) 541-1349


Tracy Beckwith,

Child and Family Services Manager
Phone: (918) 541-1353


Denice Cox,

Phone: (918) 541-1352


Mission Statement

"The mission of Leonard Learning Center (LLC) is to celebrate and support the diversity of families through services which are family driven, coordinated, integrated, culturally appropriate and comprehensive."

Leonard Learning Center is a two star facility that is licensed for 90 children between the ages of 6 weeks to 13 years. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM. to 6:00 PM. A nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack are served to all children.

LLC strives to provide the best learning environment for each and every child that attends our facility. The employees are trained in early childhood education and age appropriate curriculum is followed in each classroom.

We offer bus transportation services to and from every school in the Miami Public School District. Children are able to enjoy a wide variety of educational as well as recreational field trips during the summer months.

LLC is equipped with state of the art security equipment which aids in the protection of each child that is in our care. The number one priority of Leonard Learning Center is to provide a caring, loving, fun learning environment for each and every child.

Leonard Learning Center is a Two Star Facility. The following chart displays daily charges broken down by age group:

Leonard Learning Center Daily Rates Ottawa County

Age of Child Full Day Rate
(Over 4 hours)
Part Day Rate
(Less than 4 hours)
0 to 12 months
Nursery 1 & 2
$38.00 $23.40
13 to 24 months
Blue Room
$33.60 $20.20
25 to 48 months
Red & Yellow Rooms
$31.50 $18.90
49 to 72 months
Pre-K Room
$22.80 $15.00
73 months to 13 years
After School
$18.80 $12.80

A Full Day Charge is applied for four or more hours of care daily. A Part Day Charge is applied for less than 4 hours daily. A yearly educational fee of $20.00 per child is charged per child.

Assistance is also given to childcare providers for training, health and safety grants and other supplies and equipment to help ensure the best learning environment and atmosphere for our Native American children is available. Leonard Learning Center is located at 102 South Eight Tribes Trail in Miami, Oklahoma. For further information concerning Leonard Learning Center, please contact by phone at (918) 541-1352.